•    ‘Look for epilepsy’ is a UCB-led community engagement initiative designed to highlight the much needed support available to those living with epilepsy, and their carers, while raising awareness of the neurological (brain) disease.1
•    The Look for epilepsy website aims to give visitors an understanding of epilepsy, through the first-hand perspective of those living with the disease. 
•    Australians are urged to extend their support to members of the epilepsy community by simply: 
      1.  Visiting lookforepilepsy.com.au;
      2.  Taking a selfie with a purple glasses filter on the site; and
      3. Sharing the selfie on their social media channels to support epilepsy awareness, using the                                    hashtag #lookforepilepsy.2
•    The Look for epilepsy website also informs visitors how to interact with those living with epilepsy, including having a conversation about what should be done in the event of a seizure. 
•    The website features links to national and State and Territory-specific epilepsy organisations, including Epilepsy Australia and its affiliates, and Epilepsy Action Australia, for more information. 
•    Today’s (March 26) kick-off of the Look for epilepsy campaign is coinciding with the annual international Epilepsy Awareness Day, which aims to unite people worldwide in heightening community awareness of epilepsy.3 

To learn more about ‘Look for epilepsy’, contact Kirsten Bruce, Holly Hamilton Green or Bella Poidevin from VIVA! Communications on 02 9968 3741 or 0401 717 566, 0434 799 839 or 0423 041 631.



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